Wadis Shalul & Abu Iqaydi

Wadis Shalul and Abu Iqaydi constitute the central core of the survey area and were recorded by the RATS teams (Morrow & Morrow; 2002, 2010). The petroglyph sites are west of Gebel and Bir Shalul (the latter now dry).  Although there are hieroglyphic inscriptions at Bir Shalul, this appears not to have been a major route-at least for those concerned to create rock-art. There is very little early rock-art in these wadis, indeed both Late boat and other images vastly outnumber predynastic ones; very unusual for the Central Eastern Desert. There thus appears to be a petroglyph hiatus between north and south of the survey area. Wadi Shalul has a site with a detailed hunting scene at its southern end, and no early images until a single Naqada III triangular stern boat at its northern end. There are many images of horse & camel riders with scenes of conflict-something not seen in any other period.


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