Wadi Baramiya

Wadi Baramiya is the main route to the Red Sea. The Edfu-Mersa Alam road starts out as Wadi Abbad, becoming Wadi Kanais at the junction with Wadi Shagub. It becomes Baramiya beyond the junction with Wadi MIya. In the EDS/RATS surveys there are 18 sites in total. However, work by Aude Van Craynest in 2004 for her M.A. study at UCL has since added another 21 to this. Thus, potentially there are 39 sites in all, making Baramiya only second in total to Wadi Salam (46). It also has 67 or 20% of the Eastern Desert's pharaonic inscriptions (Univ. of Minnesota Survey also featuring Russell Rothe).


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