Wadi Umm Hajalij (S)
There are two wadis with this name (although transliteration from Arabic to English may have something to do with this). This wadi enters Wadi Baramiya about 100 miles from Mersa Alam. Right opposite the opening is site BAR-4 with its more than twenty boats, including three 'arms raised' figures. The rock is so well suited to use that whether it is a 'pointer' to the side wadi is debateable.


Rothe (2008) describes this wadi as being an Old Kingdom route from Baramiya to Wadi Dunqash, and part of a Greco-Roman road from Qena to the Roman station at Bir Samut.


In the EDS publication (Rohl, 2000) the wadi has only two sites but both have a profusion of petroglyphs. HAJ(S)-1with three 'arms raised' figures clearly has predynastic components, and there are also two boats being dragged. One of these has stick figures dragging both ends, a very unusual feature in the rock-art. HAJ (S)-2 has a 'frond' boat.


Photos 12-16 are courtesy of Cheryl Hanson and come from one of the later EDS expeditions which concentrated on the Kom Ombo Drainage Basin. Thus it is clear that actually there are not just two sites in this wadi. Publication and further surveying is needed.

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