Wadi Umm Salam

Umm Salam has the largest number of sites (46) of the 246 in the Central Eastern Desert. A direct West-East wadi, petroglyphs can be found mainly along the first 60% of its length. After this the rock becomes friable and the wadi floor is as dry as dust. In the CED as a whole there is a strong link between vegetation and the rock-art. Umm Salam overwhelmingly has predynastic images, and none of the horse and camel riders. Although predynastic in character, it differs from other southern wadis in having only one 'frond' boat-and that uniquely contains two plumed 'arms raised' figures. The predynastic sites also mostly face North.


Salam is also noted for SA-14, the so-called "jacuzzi" site. This rock pool would have attracted travellers when filled from the infrequent rains. It has one panel with a melange of over 90 animals, including 9 giraffe. SAL-35 has no less than 3 'arms raised' figures and a large muluti-plumed figure controlling a bovid among mixed grazer and climber wild animals. Elevated and located opposite a side wadi which contains several sites, one with 40 ostriches, it seems to point the way to a hunting route.